The Garden—

Digital app Design / 2019

The garden_logo yellow.png

The Garden is simply a mobile app search engine. Useful for designers looking for available app names, inspiration, or demographic information; The Garden uses only 5 pages to allow for ease of use and efficient navigation. Each app searched allows the user to view a brief outline of the stats and background of the company. In return, this provides a window of advertising opportunity for your app company.


Final Thoughts Digital Publication—

Digital Publication / 2016

For the digital version of the MIAD Bridge Magazine, this app design is created for the online presence of the magazine. Keeping to the traditional way of paging through a physical  magazine, the app has an interactive design that gives the user more control and easier navigation.


Milwaukee Street Car - Design Concept —

Digital App Design / 2016

mke streetcar_imrov logo.png

As part of a larger group, our job was to create a cohesive campaign and brand for the future "Milwaukee StreetCar". My portion of the work included the app design. With a fast and ergonomic interface, the app is intended to be used when you're on the go.