About Grant Now

As a graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Communication Design (2017), Iv’e been well seasoned in breaking the boundaries in my work while staying in tune with basic design fundamentals. Being a Painter & Designer keeps my mind busy and my work ever-evolving with multiple mediums. I apply years of experiences and day-to-day inspiration into my paintings, this allows me to always keep an open mind and accept new challenges, which often inspire new painting techniques.

Working as a freelance Graphic Designer and Painter, I have spent the last few years doing most of my work on glass. This medium has been hands down my favorite so far. I enjoy experimenting new ways to paint on glass and discovering methods that are far from traditional and unlike anything else in the professional art world. The way the paint drys on glass versus regular canvas gives the final painting a “juiciness” to it which is much more rewarding to me.

Recently accepting a position as a Digital Design Coordinator at Knoxville Graphic House in Knoxville, TN., I am excited to be a part of such a creative city and expand my opportunities in the southern Art & Design community.


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Since late 2013, I started what would eventually be my central painting technique years later: Reverse Glass Painting, which is what it sounds like—painting backwards on glass. I painted a few pieces throughout the years 2013/2014, and as I kept experimenting, my interest grew and I had realized I was onto something. What appeals to me is the clean and crisp lines that are created from using a simple technique of scraping back the layers and adding more layers, while carefully planning the colors that show through.

The glass pieces I paint involve a backwards technique. This process gives me the control I need to be able to manipulate the paint. Adding water or chemicals, the colors flow together allowing them to take their own path. Once the paint is down, the rest is up to nature's reactions, creating a chaotic stream of color. The finished piece is not seen until around 24 hours of dry time or more.

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About Grant Then

At the age of four I knew I wanted to be an artist and every year after that just reinforced this plan. From drawing on my homework and scribbling patterns in the margins of all my papers, I was always fascinated by mark making. Actively creating many abstract drawings and paintings, around age 12 I picked up a spray can I found in my dads garage and began painting on canvases and poster boards just for fun. After a couple years of playing with it, my dad finally let me move to the garage walls which changed the game. Street art had become a huge influence on my work and my life.  

Moving to college meant I couldn't practice as much graffiti art as I could previously, so I spent more time working with abstract paintings. Influenced by contemporary artists such as a life-long family friend Richard Lazzaro, or street artists like Shepard Fairey and Annie Preece, and Classic Pop art icons like Andy Warhol, there is a mix of styles and influences that have shown through in a lot of my work. 


Lake Mills Sentry Mural - 2013

Lake Mills Wake Team - 2013

With the help of Jordan Littaritz and Hayden White, the "Lake Mills Wake Team" was conceived. In 2013, as ambitious high school seniors, we wanted a way to invite people out onto the beautiful Rock Lake, while having fun learning water skiing, wakeboarding, or wake-skating. As an outside-of-school activity not affiliated with the school, we had to make it official so we made stickers and T-shirts that gave us a presence within the community. 

Edgerton Skatepark - 2007

At a young age, I began taking on the challenge to get a skate park built within our small town of Edgerton, WI.— In 5th grade, I began with a petition; so with help from my family, we organized city speeches and a local "skatepark committee".  With hard work, dedication, and lots of help from friends, family, local skatepark supporters, and donors we began to raise a sufficient amount of money from hosting organized local fundraisers and events. With help including a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, and generous donations funding the construction, the skate park began to be built in the summer of 2009. Read article (right) for more.